‘Moon has sufficient oxygen to maintain 8 billion individuals alive for 100k years, however not in gaseous type’: report


One research claims that the Moon’s higher crust alone incorporates sufficient oxygen to assist eight billion individuals for 100,000 years. In accordance with a report by Australian Web site DialogThe highest layer of rocks on the Moon, known as regolith, is made up of about 45 p.c oxygen.

The report, revealed on November 10, mentioned that there’s loads of oxygen on the Moon, which is Earth’s solely pure satellite tv for pc, however it’s not in gaseous type.

“Though the Moon has an environment, it is rather skinny and consists largely of hydrogen, neon and argon. It’s not the form of gaseous combination that would maintain mammals depending on oxygen similar to people.”

In October this 12 months, the Australian House Company signed an settlement with NASA to ship a rover to the Moon to gather lunar rocks that would present breathable oxygen.

Report of the dialog on 10 November Additional added that oxygen will be discovered in lots of minerals within the floor ’round us’, including that the Moon is principally composed of comparable rocks discovered on planet Earth.

“Minerals like silica, aluminum, and iron and magnesium oxides dominate the Moon’s panorama. All of those minerals include oxygen, however not in a type that our lungs can attain.”

Utilizing electrolysis to extract oxygen from minerals

NS report good have instructed that electrolysis methods may very well be used to extract oxygen from silica, aluminum, iron and different minerals discovered on the Moon.

“On this case, oxygen is produced as a byproduct. On the Moon, oxygen could be the primary product and the extracted aluminum (or different steel) could be a doubtlessly helpful byproduct,” it mentioned.

Nonetheless, for the method to be sustainable, it might have to be supported by solar energy at another supply of power on the Moon. “Extracting oxygen from the regolith would additionally require substantial industrial gear.”

Earlier this 12 months a Belgian start-up mentioned it was constructing three experimental reactors to enhance the method of constructing oxygen by way of electrolysis. The report states that the House Functions Service plans to ship such reactors to the Moon by 2025.