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    World’s oldest known person, French nun, diesdays before 119th birthday- By Informational King

    By associated Press

    Paris: A French nun believed to be the world’s oldest person has died weeks before her 119th birthday, a spokeswoman for her nursing home in southern France said on Wednesday.

    Lucille Randon, better known as Sister Andre, was born on February 11, 1904, in the city of Alsace in southern France. She was one of the oldest survivors of Kovid-19 in the world.

    He died at 2 a.m. Tuesday at the Sainte-Catherine-Labor nursing home in the city of Toulon, spokesman David Tavella said.

    The Gerontology Research Group, which validates descriptions of people aged 110 or older, listed her as the world’s oldest known person following the death of Japan’s Ken Tanaka at age 119 last year.

    Sister Andrée tested positive for the coronavirus in January 2021, shortly before her 117th birthday, but had so few symptoms that she did not know she was infected. Her survival made headlines both in France and beyond.

    In April last year, when asked about his extraordinary longevity through the two world wars, he told French media that “working … keeps you alive. I worked until I was 108.”

    She was known to enjoy a glass of wine and chocolates daily.

    The oldest living known person in the world, listed by the Gerontology Research Group, is now American-born Maria Branyas Moreira, living in Spain, and aged 115.

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