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“The Information at the moment are open.”

Instantly, my physique felt completely different than after I normally parked my butt on my meditation cushion.

Because the room murmured the final line of The Pathway Prayer collectively — a mantra stated to open the Akashic Information — I felt one thing shift inside my thoughts.

My physique felt weighted to the ground, however my head felt mild, nearly as if the highest of it had been opened up, and it was increasing concurrently in all instructions. I began to see flashes pictures that I’d by no means seen earlier than, then I heard phrases and phrases in a calmer and deeper model of my voice. One way or the other, I knew with each fiber of my being that what I had simply tapped into was not coming from me … though the skeptical voice in my head was muttering, “Possibly you’re making this up.”

I had no thought what I used to be moving into throughout my first session opening the Akashic Information — however I walked away from the expertise completely modified. It actually felt like I had been handed the keys to the Universe… and as an individual who generally (ahem, usually) finds herself mendacity awake at 3 a.m. with anxiousness concerning the future, I actually felt at peace.

In case you’d requested me what the Akashic Information have been just some weeks earlier than, I might have given you a robust side-eye — largely as a result of I’d performed a really cursory Google search on them, which had yielded some low-key bizarre stuff. [Think: cults, charlatans, and fake psychics] It wasn’t till I skilled opening the Information for myself that I lastly “acquired” what the massive deal was. And it turned out it was nothing like what I had discovered on my hack job Google search.

On this publish, we’re going to dig into every thing Akashic — the nice, the unhealthy, the curious. Hopefully, we’ll reply your whole questions on this highly effective, intuitive instrument, so you are feeling empowered to go deeper in case you’d like. I’ll additionally speak about how I take advantage of the Akashic Information on a day-to-day foundation in my very own work, and the way they is perhaps useful for you in case you selected to begin utilizing them.

Prepared? Let’s scroll.

OK, seemingly primary query. A superb place to begin.

“What are the Akashic Information?”

While you hear the time period Akashic Information, what involves thoughts? Once I first heard it, my first thought was of a large submitting cupboard of data. Some individuals consider the Akashic Information as a library, or a e book. Some consider it as a database.

However in keeping with the Information themselves, they’re one other dimension known as the Akasha. The Akasha is a better dimension than the dimension we stay in.

I do know, it’s bizarre. However stick with me.

Within the Akasha, each thought, thought, and motion from the previous, current, and future is saved advert infinitum. In case you’re acquainted with String Principle, the Akashic Information is principally like a database of what’s occurring in all of the universes which might be co-existing collectively.

The Akashic Information are principally a file of what’s going to occur, is going on, or has occurred. As a result of they’re a better dimension, the foundations of time don’t actually apply. Time is a flat circle to the Akashic Information, so data from 2,000 years in the past is as accessible as what occurred to you yesterday. And what occurred to you yesterday is as obtainable as what might occur to you — in case you keep on the identical future trajectory — in 10 years.

how specialists describe the akashic information

Curiously, every thing has its personal Akashic Report. Your soul has an Akashic Report, your own home has an Akashic Report, your canine, even your relationship! You may open the particular Information of issues to ask questions that pertain to them.

Right here’s how Edgar Cayce, the psychic medium who popularized the Information, describes them:

The Akashic Information, or “The Guide of Life,” could be equated to the Universe’s super-computer system. It’s this technique that acts because the central storehouse of all data for each particular person who has ever lived upon the earth. Greater than only a reservoir of occasions, the Akashic Information include each deed, phrase, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time within the historical past of the world. Far more than merely a reminiscence storehouse, nonetheless, these Akashic Information are interactive in that they’ve an amazing affect upon our on a regular basis lives, {our relationships}, our emotions and perception programs, and the potential realities we draw towards us … The Akashic Information include your complete historical past of each soul for the reason that daybreak of Creation. These information join every one in every of us to 1 one other.

Linda Howe, the writer of the extremely informative e book, “ Learn The Akashic Information,” describes them this manner:

The Akashic Information provide empowerment and transformation by lending us precisely the knowledge, steerage, and energetic help that we want on this lifetime. For hundreds of years, the Information — the energetic archive of Souls’ previous, current, and future potentialities — have been the unique area of mystics, saints, and students. Not! The collective consciousness of the human race has been rising, evolving, and maturing. This non secular independence is marked by people who know that they’ve direct entry to their non secular Supply, and who domesticate that sacred relationship.

You made it this far, which suggests you’re nonetheless inquisitive about studying extra concerning the Information. However you’ve in all probability acquired some wholesome skepticism round them. GOOD! I like the place your head’s at.

the akashic information present us potential outcomes

In case you’re something like me, the idea of The Akashic Information is intriguing. Actually, what actually acquired me within the Information was the similarities I noticed between String Principle and quantum mechanics and The Information. The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics states that there are parallel universes that exist side-by-side, and for each motion, we take there’s an infinite variety of universes that co-exist on the identical time, proper subsequent to us, by which we did NOT make that motion.

You may learn extra concerning the Many Worlds Interpretation right here, however it pertains to the Akashic Information as a result of they each inform us that there are infinite outcomes for our actions, however there’s an end result that’s *more than likely to occur* for each step that we take. For instance, in most universes, in case you throw a fork on the wall, it can hit the wall and fall to the ground. However in keeping with Many Worlds Interpretation, there is perhaps a universe on the market by which you throw a fork on the wall, and it rebounds proper again to you and pokes you within the eye. Or will get magnetized to the ceiling. Or goes proper by the wall. It goes on infinitely.

why are individuals skeptical about them?

Anyhow, individuals doubt the validity of the Akashic Information for a number of causes. One motive may very well be as a result of they ask the Information for a solution concerning the future, solely to search out that it doesn’t come to fruition in the way in which the Information described.

The factor is, we’re all the time in charge of our personal future. The Information simply inform us what the more than likely end result goes to be based mostly on the trajectory that we’re already on. However at any second, we will resolve to forge a brand new path and redirect our potential outcomes.

It’s additionally straightforward to doubt the Information as a result of it’s WEIRD to listen to messages in your head! You would possibly write off the data that’s coming to you as your personal unconscious ideas. And you already know what, that is perhaps the reality. Actually, who is aware of? You may select to consider no matter you need.

However both manner, by taking the time to faucet into the Information, you’re opening your self as much as a supply of information that’s stronger than your aware thoughts. Whether or not you consider that the data is coming out of your highest self, or from the Akashic Information, is solely as much as you.

are the akashic information actual?

So are the Akashic Information actual? For my part, sure.

Click on right here to obtain the Pathway Course of Prayer

The most effective factor concerning the Information is that you should utilize them as a useful resource everytime you need solutions. Via the Information, we will obtain data relating to any possible matter and query — so long as the questions are self-focused (in case you’re studying for your self) and open-ended.

Earlier than we get into why it’s important to keep away from sure or no questions, you want to be taught extra concerning the Recordkeepers. The beings that form of translate the Akashic Information into language we will perceive are known as our Masters, Lecturers, and Beloved Ones (MTLOs, for brief).

The MTLOs are principally our Religious Crew. They take our inquiries to the Information, and return to us with a solution we will perceive.

Nevertheless, the MTLOs don’t undergo fools. They don’t like sure or no questions as a result of they aren’t fortune tellers — there’s by no means a easy “sure” or “no” reply to most of our human issues. Your MTLOs love you, and so they need to empower you to make selections for your self. They’re sort of like actually nice mentors: They need you to be taught classes by yourself, however they’re right here to information you in your journey. Typically they ship data in a manner that’s nearly abrupt — don’t take offense! It’s simply that generally our human issues really feel very small and foolish to them … and so they have a LOT to inform you about IMPORTANT stuff!

The most effective inquiries to ask the MTLOs begin like:

Click on right here to obtain The Pathway Course of Prayer and 33 instance questions which you could ask the Akashic Information.

It’s useful to have questions lined up earlier than you open the Information as a result of as soon as they’re open, there’s numerous data flowing by you. It’s overwhelming, and in my expertise, you find yourself getting misplaced.

Having particular questions helps floor you throughout your session and retains you on observe. Plus, it may be arduous to recollect what really went down in a session — you’re form of channeling, so that you may not have the most effective recall of what transpired after you shut the Information. Writing down the solutions to your questions whilst you’re in communication along with your Information will provide you with clearer takeaways after your session.

Earlier than the current day, solely very mystical and religious individuals might faucet into the Akashic Information. However wonderful academics like Linda Howe and Helen Vonderheide are educating individuals like us (mere plebians!) easy methods to open and use the Akashic Information.

linda howe

Linda Howe has written many books on the Information and the predominant modern-day supply on easy methods to open them. She’s additionally created a certification program in which you’ll develop into a Licensed Akashic Information Reader. She has a choose variety of academics world wide who can lead certification packages. Nevertheless, anybody can open the Information by the Pathway Course of Prayer that Linda created — no particular certification wanted.

helen vonderheide

Helen Vonderheide is a Grasp Instructor underneath Linda Howe, and probably the most preeminent Licensed Akashic Information readers in america. She is an unbelievable trainer who hosts common certification packages in Los Angeles. I realized and have become licensed as an Akashic Information Reader by Helen, and I simply suppose she’s the most effective.

While you’re doing one thing as freaky as opening up your mind to the Information, it’s very nice to have an professional like Helen guiding you. As talked about, it’s not essential to develop into licensed to open the Information, however I’ll inform you that it definitely helps you develop into more adept within the course of.

To open the Information, get in a quiet place with few distractions. Professional-tip: Go to the lavatory, as a result of in case you’re uncomfortable it may be tough to drop into the Information.

When you’re settled, you want to say the Pathway Course of Prayer. While you do, you would possibly really feel completely different than you normally do if you meditate. You may not.

Once I open my Information, I really feel stress on the crown of my head, like data is funneling in at an amazing tempo.

Typically you’ll hear voices, see pictures, or really feel a deep sense of realizing. Different instances, you would possibly want to sit down for some time earlier than something comes by. Everyone seems to be completely different, and all individuals have distinctive intuitive presents. If you already know that you just lean towards any of the 5 clairs of clairvoyance, there’s a superb likelihood that’s how messages from the Information will come by for you.

When you’ve gotten your bearings, you can begin to ask your questions. Be affected person — you would possibly must rephrase your query if the reply isn’t coming by. Attempt to not choose as data flows … generally, it actually doesn’t make sense. Like, in any respect.

One time, I used to be asking what I wanted to do to fulfill “my individual.” Pay attention, I’m a Pisces Solar-Pisces Venus, I’m nearly all the time in search of love. Anyway, the Information shot again at me, “Begin carrying flowers in your hair.”

I believed that was really the stupidest factor I’d ever heard. So I requested, “Why?” And my MTLOs defined that I wanted to begin taking higher care of myself (lol #dragme) and that I might personally really feel happier after I had flowers in my hair, and that will make me extra magnetic to the world round me.

So if one thing completely ridiculous comes by, otherwise you don’t perceive the message that you just get, don’t overlook which you could simply ask your MTLOs to make clear themselves. Actually, that’s only a good life hack. When unsure, ask for extra readability.

While you’re performed, keep in mind to shut your Information.

The Akashic Information are a fairly wonderful instrument that anybody with an open thoughts can use. Personally, I’ve opened my very own Information to ask about every thing from what my preferrred food plan is to how a lot I ought to cost for freelance copywriting! They’re helpful in so many conditions past the esoteric.

Have you ever opened your Akashic Information earlier than? Let me find out about your expertise within the feedback beneath!

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