Uncovering the Thriller of “Whomst” — Remix tradition and Memes | by Jacqueline Marcelo


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What’s a meme?

In line with Richard Dawkins, the phrase “meme” was utilized in biology explaining the best way that genes replicate and remodel from one to the following. So, we are able to safely say {that a} “meme” is an imitation of one thing — it’s remix tradition. Particularly, to investigate one in every of my favourite memes, I select “The Whomst Meme” different smart often known as the “Increasing Mind”.

To search for the origins of this meme, I went on KnowYourMeme.com which describes “Whomst” as a faux phrase that’s used to sign ironic superior intelligence. When first posted on June 2nd, 2016 City Dictionary.com:

“Whomst” is outlined as: “For occasions once you need to ask “whom or whom”, however want a fancier connotation.” Ex: “Francois dropped his caviar in the bathroom.” “Whomst would do such a factor?!” .

I went on google developments and got here up with the outcomes throughout the previous 5 years. Evidently previous to 2014, there was a use of “Whomst” and the phrase didn’t floor again till 2017 of final yr.

Google Tendencies, 2018

Remix tradition is based on creating and reinventing concepts which have already been revealed. As an alternative of seeing content material as authentic, it’s best described as a group and collaboration of concepts. That being stated, it may be straightforward for content material to be created almost each second. It appears so way back that “Whomst” was used sarcastically. On January twenty first, 2017 of final yr, the primary descending “whomst meme” was created. Instagram person @B3pis posted the most well-liked instance of this meme.

Picture Supply: @B3pis on Instagram

This meme specifically had been remixed until “Whomst” grew to become “whomst’d’ve’ly’yaint’nt’ed’ies’s’y’es” which is an apparent excessive of the meme. If you happen to’re curious to how this even sounds, hearken to this Youtube video saying the phrase.

Video Supply: Chikichu on Youtube

And sure, there’s a petition of almost 2,500 signatures to incorporate this phrase within the official English dictionary. Go to ipetitions.com and signal the petition! After looking additional, this meme has turn into a brand new meme by itself — remixing songs and animations. So the place can we go from right here? The one reply within the meme universe is that there isn’t any finish. As for the brand new remix:

Picture supply: me.me.com

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