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It’s true. Our trendy, English alphabet, used to have 27 letters!

Have you learnt what the twenty seventh letter was?


“Et” was the twenty seventh letter of the alphabet. And truly, you may nonetheless discover it in your keyboard!


Now most individuals name this character an “ampersand” or just “and”, however this character was truly thought of a letter!

Et is the Latin phrase for and. It’s utilization can be traced again to the primary century! That is the place the ampersand was born. The “&” image was created as a ligature (mixture of two letters) of the letters “e” and “t” or “et”. It was thought of a letter of the alphabet all the best way up till the early seventeenth century.

two depictions of the evolution of the ampersand

It even had its personal place on the finish of the alphabet. The phrase “and, per se, and” was added after the letter z. This partially English/partially Latin phrase means “and, by itself, and.” Nonetheless, this poor phrase quickly turned topic to “rebracketing”.

Rebracketing happens when a phrase is slurred collectively to type a brand new phrase. A first-rate instance of that is the English phrase “Alligator”. Initially, we received this phrase from the spanish phrase(s): el lagarto {that means “the lizard”}.

We ultimately slurred this phrase a lot…

el legarto… ellagarto allagarto… alligarto… alligator…

that we received our phrase, Alligator.

This development additionally occurred and gave us the particle ‘an’. ‘An’ is the type of ‘a’ used earlier than a phrase starting in a vowel. Nonetheless, it wasn’t at all times an accurate particle. It’s generally believed that ‘aprons’ had been as soon as referred to as ‘naprons’ as they had been held utilizing a string that draped over one’s nape (again of the neck). Over time, the phrase ‘a napron’ was rebracketed as ‘an apron’ and this particle got here into being.

In &’s case, the phrase and, per se, and, was step by step lowered to ‘andperseand’, ‘an’pers’and’ and eventually ‘ampersand’.

Now-a-days, the ampersand is a personality used for aesthetic in numerous logos and names. Sadly, it not holds it place because the twenty seventh letter of the English alphabet.

Enjoyable truth: “&c” was once the best way to jot down “and so on” or “et cetera” which implies ‘and the remaining’.

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