The Legend of Lengthy Dong Silver. His dick was pretend! | by William (Greenback Invoice) Mersey | ILLUMINATION

On this Article we provide you with detailed Data on The Legend of Lengthy Dong Silver. His dick was pretend! | by William (Greenback Invoice) Mersey | ILLUMINATION

His dick was pretend!

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey
Picture by patricia serna on Unsplash

Final night time I went into HBO’s on-demand library to take a look at CONFIRMATION, a made-for-tv film concerning the occasions surrounding the melodramatic senate affirmation hearings which ultimately anointed one CLARENCE THOMAS a Supreme Court docket choose.

Personally, I believed Thomas was fully stuffed with shit. For me, he was a porn freak who sexually harassed and bullied his protege (Anita Hill), allegedly advising her throughout enterprise hours that she ought to watch some porn (particularly a man named Lengthy Dong Silver, who had a 19-inch dork), that he himself had an enormous dick (although not the equal of the Donger’s), and that he admired big-chested ladies (which Anita wasn’t) — all in some clumsy and ill-fated try and seduce her. What a fucking man!

Anyway, reminded of the Donger, I endeavored to perform a little analysis on the dude. First, I discovered an fascinating documentary on the icon. Subsequent, I watched the Donger ravage SEKA (not likely — it was pretend), then the “it” lady of porn.

And after viewing each of those movies, neither of which truly confirmed him inserting his monster in any girl (moderately he simply faked it a la these silly soft-core motion pictures on late-night motion pictures), I started to suspect one thing was amiss with Donger’s anaconda. After which I discovered it! A reference which revealed that…

the Donger’s dong was pretend! His unit was in reality a prosthesis…a sleeve if you’ll…which the person placed on his personal paltry 9 incher like we common guys would placed on a sock! What the fuck!?!?

“What subsequent?” I despaired. “Am I gonna discover out that Nikki Minaj’s ass is pretend?”

Dudes! I’m fucking ruined! The Donger is a pretend. Now I know there’s no Lochness monster — nor Bigfoot! However this is a catastrophe of epic proportions.

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