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In case you’re a Premium Raidbots member, you’ll be capable to be part of your Discord individual to Raidbots on the account net web page to have the flexibility to skip the street when using the bot and along with deal with the Epic stage guild reward you most likely have it.

The bot works by sending your simulation request to be processed by the Raidbots backend. This does indicate that sims from Discord get put within the an identical queue because the web page. Typically, this queue averages about 2 minutes (full fluctuate is normally 0–5 minutes based mostly totally on how (un)lucky you’re with timing).

Listed under are some examples of what you’ll be capable to correct now.

You’ll be able to too use !sim for many who’re into the complete brevity issue.

For the time being, US, EU, KR, and TW are professional areas.

Realm names are using the English localization and the bot will do its best to go looking out your realm regardless of apostrophes, dashes, or areas (and even typos).

The best technique to set non-public defaults is to connect your Discord individual to the Raidbots web page on the account net web page and use the settings there.

You’ll be able to too scenario directions to the bot on to deal with these settings.

It’s possible you’ll set quite a few defaults in your self resembling realm, iterations, and battle trend. The general sort is:

!raidbots -setdefault KEY VALUE

The settings you’ll be capable to set defaults are:

  • server
  • fightstyle
  • fightlength
  • enemycount

Some examples:

!raidbots -setdefault fightstyle heavymovement
!raidbots -setdefault fightlength 480
!raidbots -setdefault enemycount 3

Notes on Space/Realm

!raidbots -setdefault server space/realm

As an illustration, you’ll be capable to run !raidbots -setdefault server us/malganis and all future directions will assume the US space and Mal’ganis realm by default. Upon getting the default server prepare, you’ll be capable to run sims as merely as:

!raidbots seriallos

And it’ll try to simulate Seriallos on US-Mal’ganis.

It’s possible you’ll nonetheless specify the realm and realm in full to simulate a character:

!raidbots us/area52/bob

How Can I set a channel default for space and realm?

In case your channel topics begins with textual content material like:


The bot will use that as a default (if the individual doesn’t have their very personal defaults prepare)

So, in case your matter is us/malganis and member can run a sim with out along with the realm and realm.

If you want further information in your matter and have the bot defaults, add a comma after the realm/realm:

us/malganis, This channel is for Raidbots sims

How Can I get the bot to solely take note of at the least one channel?

In case your server has one among these channels, it ought to solely reply there: #simcraft-bot, #simcraftbot, #raidbots, #bot-spam, #bot, #bots

You’ll be able to too use Discord permissions to limit the Raidbots perform to regardless of channels/sections you want.

Assign Epic Rewards to your Guild Discord

Administration of the Epic reward for guild Discord bot skip-the-line is managed in your Raidbots account net web page.

This reward lets as a lot as 100 members of your Discord server skip the street when using the Discord bot. In case your server is larger than 100 members, you must choose 1 perform that will acquire the revenue.

This reward solely applies to the Discord bot in your server. It doesn’t current any benefits to your Discord server members on the net web site.

Full Command Documentation

Command prefix: !raidbots, !rb, or !sim
Character format: space/realm/character

-s, -scaling Run a stat weights simulation
-fs, -fightstyle Battle trend (default: Patchwerk)
-fl, -fightlength Battle measurement (default: 300)
-ec, -enemycount Number of Enemies (default: 1)
-nb Run with out raid buffs
-v, -version SimC mannequin (default: nightly, selections: nightly, weekly)
-ct, -comparetalents Look at a experience set

Battle varieties: Patchwork, DungeonSlice, TargetDummy, ExecutePatchwork, LightMovement, HeavyMovement, HectiveAddClave, CastingPatchwork, HelterSkelter, Ultraxion, Beastlord

Deprecated Efficiency

In March 2021, the Discord bot was rewritten and a few points modified:

  • Merchandise comparability using the -ci alternative is not supported as a result of it was used terribly not usually and was a repairs burden. These kinds of comparisons are best carried out on the net web site.
  • Sims will on a regular basis use the “Good Sim” trend and you might not specify iterations. Manually specifying iterations is only one factor that really is wise for superior sims on the net web site.
  • The -rl alternative has been eradicated on account of the model new bot on a regular basis displays hyperlinks to Armory, WCL, and — there’s no further flag important.

The distinctive bot was initially created by Lithium and served admirably for a number of years!