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It’s no shock that the Persona that’s locked to NG+ is the strongest within the recreation. Lucifer’s unique ability Morning Star can be utilized to mainly delete the whole lot, and he additionally begins out with the perfect resistances as effectively. This construct is centered round abusing technicals by making use of Dizzy, then following up with Morning Star to interrupt boss shields and do a whole lot of injury. Dizzy is the ailment used as a result of bosses are vulnerable to it, and if an opponent is inflicted, any assault on them turns into a technical. Solely the Closing Boss and the primary section of the Osaka Jail boss are resistant to Dizzy, for each different one you possibly can apply the ailment and begin comboing them with Morning Star.

Video information on making Lucifer, with a fast showcase in the beginning


Alice is actually the perfect trash mob clearer within the recreation. So long as a non-boss opponent doesn’t block/resist Curse, they will shortly be taken out with Die for Me. I additionally added Maeigaon and Curse Enhance/Amp, simply in case Insta-Kills don’t work in sure conditions. I usually begin battles with Alice outfitted, as she clears dungeons the quickest, so I put Assault/Velocity Grasp on her to all the time begin out with these buffs, with out having to repeatedly swap Personas. Alice’s combo abilities of Focus, Mamudoon and Megidolaon are additionally among the finest basically.


Metatron is the Bless-based counterpart to Alice, which is why I gave him Mahamaon, to cope with any enemies that block Curse insta-kills. Mahamaon has a decrease probability for insta-kill than Die for Me, nevertheless it has a a lot wider vary, making Metatron simply pretty much as good for dungeon clearing. I stored Sword Dance and added Knockdown Fashion (Vastly decreases Down Gauge when touchdown a essential hit) only for once I felt like utilizing the Bodily ability as a substitute of magic ones.


One of many strongest Personas from earlier video games returns, and is not any disappointment. Yoshitsune’s Hassou Tobi continues to be an excellent ability (although it’s not the strongest anymore, see the injury video I did beneath), and can be utilized to clear each mobs and executives. This construct is centered round making use of Shock with Wild Thunder (most bosses are nonetheless vulnerable to it), which permits for Phys abilities like Hassou Tobi to turn into a technical, letting it simply break shields and hit for extra injury. Yoshitsune can’t inherit Magic abilities, so I had to make use of a ability card for Wild Thunder, however even Zio might be utilized in that slot because it’s getting used for the ailment extra so than injury. If an Elec ability card can’t be discovered, Freeze or Dizzy can work instead of Shock. Salvation is on right here to shortly heal (Hassou Tobi prices 30% HP) with out having to swap Personas, nevertheless it might be changed by simply Diarahan or the therapeutic ability might be on a separate Persona.

Black Frost

Black Frost’s construct relies across the similar concept as Yoshitsune, simply with making use of Freeze and following up with a powerful Phys ability. Agneyastra is definitely the very best injury Phys transfer within the recreation, above even Hassou Tobi (see injury vid beneath).


Must preserve the starter round and I caught with the identical construct for Arsene as Lucifer, as a result of Dizzy+Almighty can be utilized to beat nearly each boss. Such a construct is in fact higher on Lucifer, as a result of Morning Star does about 50% extra injury than Megidolaon, however I nonetheless have a tendency to make use of Arsene extra typically. The remaining abilities slots are taken up by Debilitate and Warmth Riser, that are among the finest abilities within the recreation and will be placed on any Persona. Arsene really has a full ability tree for as soon as, studying Maeigaon and Riot Gun at later ranges, so a Curse or Gun Construct might additionally work for him.

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