Is that this Loss? | by Ben Pettis

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Ben Pettis

Wait only one goddamn minute…

Is that this loss?

The format of the is astoundingly easy: 4 panels. One determine. Then two. Then two as soon as extra. Then one determine upright, the second on its aspect. And that’s it. As long as the meme occasion follows that fundamental format then it’s loss, a meme that has just lately exploded in recognition.

2018 marked the 10-year anniversary of “Loss,” a strip from the webcomic Crtl-Alt-Del. It had begun through the early 2000s webcomic craze, and targeted on gamer tradition, and normal “nerdiness.” Plenty of its themes had been fairly infantile and, in some instances, outright misogynistic in its try and be humorous. However that’s not what that is about. No, as an alternative I’m keen on one of many first occasions that the strip tried to sort out a severe topic within the webcomic format.

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