Learn how to Turn into a DreamWalker. When you open this door, there’s no… | by Alicen Gray | Contained in the Simulation


On this Article we provide you with detailed Info on Learn how to Turn into a DreamWalker. When you open this door, there’s no… | by Alicen Gray | Contained in the Simulation


To combine this data into your acutely aware thoughts, first, you could stop calling your present mode of consciousness “actual life.” That is Waking Life. And it’s simply as actual as Dream Life.

Waking, Dreaming, Waking, Dreaming….

Acquired that? Good. Let’s proceed.


  • Write your goals down each morning as quickly as you get up. That is the best and most vital step to changing into lucid in goals. If you happen to don’t keep in mind the dream upon waking, you could nonetheless write one thing in your dream journal instantly, as a way to reinforce the muscle reminiscence. Your dream reminiscence retention will improve dramatically from this step alone.
  • Set an alarm in your telephone to go off at random intervals all through your Waking time. This can be your ReMinder.
  • Everytime you hear your ReMinder sound, do a Actuality Examine. Rely your fingers — do you might have 10? Open the closest e book — are the phrases legible? Take a look at your self within the mirror — is that your face?
  • When you’ve executed your Actuality Examine, say one thing like “I’m dreaming proper now and I can management it.” Maintain that thought till you really consider you’re lucid in a dream. Doing this commonly will practice your mind to begin “Actuality Checking” within the Dreaming as nicely.
  • When you begin seeing 11 fingers, or jumbled phrases in books, or another person’s face within the mirror, and so on…. you’ll know you’re Dreaming.
  • Proceed to manage your dream nonetheless you’d like. You may have astral intercourse, fly on a dragon’s again, do parkour on mountaintops…
    It’s your dream, so make it one.

Word: High quality sleep is essential to this step. So in case you have hassle sleeping, I recommend you get in contact with my superb pals Lavender, Valerian, Kava Kava, and Blue Lotus. They’re wonderful guides by way of this course of, every with a special persona and distinctive impact in your goals. Keep away from marijuana, as it might inhibit deep REM sleep. Additionally, I extremely advocate utilizing a lucidity coaching app in your telephone, like Awoken.


Within the Waking, resolve the place you’d like to fulfill, however don’t inform one another what you plan to do whenever you get there. (For instance, you may plan to bounce round waving a banana within the air. Preserve this to your self.) Dream accordingly. Once you’re again within the Waking, write down the Dream in as a lot element as you’ll be able to recall, with particular consideration given to what you witnessed your mates doing in your dream assembly spot. Then evaluate notes.

You’ll most probably uncover (with nice horror, for a few of you) that you just and your mates had the identical actual dream. Congratulations, you might have “woken up” to the truth that the Dream Aircraft is, certainly, a collective realm. This implies you’ll be able to actually stroll proper into another person’s dream — therefore the time period Dream-Walker.

Sure, I do know what you’re pondering: ~LiKe iN tHe MoViE iNcEpTiOn~

*eye roll*

Do you suppose Inception invented DreamWalking? This apply I’m sharing with you is as historic as historic will get. (And for those who thought Inception was esoteric, simply wait until you see the Imaginarium of Physician Parnassus.)

If you happen to don’t have lucid dreamer pals, that’s cool. You may go to nearly any lucid dreaming discussion board & learn numerous threads whereby teams of superior lucid dreamers go on dream missions collectively. That’s, for those who nonetheless want proof that the Dreaming is an actual place… and never only a figment of your particular person ego.

Anywho. Shifting alongside!


Proceed doing all your Actuality Checks whereas within the Waking, however with a twist. Even after counting 10 fingers, or seeing your individual face within the mirror, or no matter you’d often do to “affirm” that you just’re “awake,” inform your self you’re dreaming. Think about very strongly that you just’re as free and limitless as you might be within the Dreaming. You may even go so far as to fake that you just really counted 11 fingers or that your reflection isn’t yours.

The aim right here is to slowly warp your notion till the Waking feels as unusual and ethereal because the Dreaming does.

Ultimately, this can start to occur with out your acutely aware effort. You’ll really feel phantasmic, such as you’re floating by way of your days. You’ll discover a glow emanating from objects, or maybe a bizarre lag within the movement of issues. Possibly whenever you run, you’re feeling such as you’re operating by way of syrup. Possibly when somebody appears to be like at you, their eyes look greater than common. Possibly whenever you speak, your voice sounds prefer it’s underwater.

That is all completely regular.
You’re doing effective.
Don’t be afraid.

After sufficient time, your acutely aware consciousness will start to transition seamlessly between Waking and Dreaming, in order that Actuality Checks might not develop into essential to set off lucidity. It’s possible you’ll start to expertise “24-hour lucidity” with no lack of reminiscence between Waking and Dreaming. Actually, you might have increasingly more problem discerning which mode of notion you’re in at any given second. If you happen to’re severe about changing into a DreamWalker, that is the best state to be in. You’re heading in the right direction.

I suppose I’m ethically obligated to let you know that this a part of your DreamWalker coaching has potential hazards, and you need to ~watch out whereas driving or working heavy equipment~ or no matter.

However as you discovered out of your lucid dreaming apply, whether or not you might have dream or a nightmare relies upon completely on how nicely you management your ideas.

Keep in mind, it’s all of your dream. Make it one.


Enter the Dreaming, and conceal a really particular object in a really particular place.
Make certain each the thing and the hiding spot are genuinely uncommon, and that they don’t “match” in a traditional sense. That is to make sure you could’t “clarify away” what you’re about to expertise.

For instance, you may select to cover a brightly coloured heart-shaped sea shell below a tree within the woods. Otherwise you may cover a bronze coin inside a muffin at your native bakery.

After you’ve hidden the thing, set the sturdy intention to search out the thing within the Waking.


Welcome to the purpose of no return.


And now you could ask your self

why you might have chosen to not know this

why you might have so lengthy pretended to see a divide, a veil, severing your consciousness from itself

why you might have inspired others to do the identical

why you’ve trapped them in nightmares of your individual design

why you’ve restricted them with chilly logic and gross materialism,
once they — whenever you — may have been free all alongside.



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