Hoodoo, ‘Self-Love Sweetening Jar’ Spells, and Utilizing Magick for Self-Care | by Moon Marie

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I’ve found that there’s one thing extra enchanting than falling in love with another person: Falling in love with your self. Day by day, we’re bombarded with photos that make us really feel insufficient. Individuals get delighted from throwing shade at each other greater than lifting one another up with optimistic affirmations. More and more, tales about children taking their very own lives after being bullied are flooding our timelines. If there’s a time the place we should always apply self-love, the time is yester-now.

Studying to like yourself isn’t one thing that comes simple for everyone. I’ve written my meditation suggestions for people who have a tough time turning off the enterprise of the world. For many of my life, my spirituality has been concerning the Christian church, however as my disenchantment with the favored superstar company church mindset, I’ve been exploring different religious paths that coincide with my present beliefs.


For a while, I’ve been learning and studying about hoodoo: Folks magic religious practices that got here from and nonetheless closely exists throughout the African American neighborhood. Now, this isn’t to be confused with Voodoo, which is its personal faith and a totally completely different religious path. hoodoo is steeped in Christian tradition, and makes use of the Bible, particularly the E-book of Psalms, as its guidebook. hoodoo is a product of the slave commerce as religious practices of primarily West and Central Africans introduced over to America blended with Native American and Christian/Catholicism (the latter of which was pressured upon kidnapped slaves who had been informed to adapt and abandon their religions and perception system or die). There is no such thing as a one technique to apply hoodoo, as some give choices to ancestors, whereas others pray to saints. Individuals use herbs, flowers, and the roots of sure crops to create conditioning oils that they anoint altars, candles, and even themselves with to result in private change of their lives. There are others who apply varied divination methods utilizing fireplace, smoke, bones, shells, playing cards, eggs, and many others. No matter private path one embarks on, they’re inspired to venerate the ancestors, respect the Divine, be taught from the elders, and keep in mind that they’re training a system that was birthed from Africa.

I used to be instantly drawn to the emphasis of self-love and acceptance, believing that our intentions and ideas make an incredible impression on how our lives play out. A typical self-love apply is to create a sweetening spell jar for your self. It’s some of the standard practices as a result of it’s a easy work that you are able to do and far of what you want, you have already got. All you want is an easy jar; it doesn’t must be massive or fancy, and also you place a sweetener in it. Many individuals use honey, however sugar, molasses, or syrup will also be used. The selection of sweetener contained in the jar can match the pores and skin tone of the particular person in query, whether or not it’s a jar for your self or another person, however that it’s isn’t vital for those who don’t have the supplies wanted.

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So, I used sugar and a darkish syrup for my jar. Utilizing sugar works sooner than the syrupy or honey-like sweeteners for me, however that’s only a private choice. Subsequent, I ready a written petition. I took brown paper from a paper bag and wrote out my needs. I didn’t need to go everywhere with what I needed; I stored it transient and easy, but detailed. Some consider that petition must be written with out the pen ever leaving the paper. Others, relying on what the petition is about, might write backward or simply write a reputation.

This isn’t precisely what I wrote, however I jotted down that I needed to like myself with the love I anticipated from others. I need to be motivated, creatively impressed, and exude confidence with out counting on the acceptance and inclusion of others. I additionally wrote declarations similar to, “I’m a creation of magnificence. I entice peace, love, and respect. My ideas of and to myself are form and loving. God created me with a function to positively impression others. I’m candy to myself.”

I folded the paper as soon as towards myself, rotated it clockwise, folded it once more, then as soon as extra repeated that folding (3 times complete). Earlier than putting it within the jar, I dipped my pinky in it 3 times, every time tasting the sweetener inside whereas saying, “As this honey is nice to me, so am I, and people round me, candy to me.” I positioned the folded paper within the honey. I additionally put in private results like a strand of my hair, a small {photograph} of myself, and my conditioning oils: A number of drops of Lodestone Oil (to draw luck and success), Attraction Oil (for a similar + love), Uncrossing Oil (to rid damaging power, hexes, jinxes), and an Angel Blessing Oil. There are numerous practioners, or rootworkers, who make dozens of those religious conditioning oils you could buy for quite a lot of functions. They’re religious oils and for those who don’t have these, bless olive oil and embrace that in your jar. Working with what you’ve got is a base in hoodoo.

Additionally included was rosemary — yep, common ol’ rosemary — as a result of it’s identified to be an herb that empowers ladies. You’ll by no means consider what herbs you’ve got in your kitchen that you should use on your jar or to make your oil private oils if you mix them with a service oil (it’s referred to as Kitchen Hoodoo)! I additionally took the petals of purple and white roses and put them in my sweetening jar. As soon as the whole lot was packed and prepared, I closed the jar and mediated with it for a couple of minutes. I thought of mild, love, and the intentions I wrote about in my petition. I stated a prayer to the Divine earlier than recited Psalm 23 and 139. [Editor’s note: Not everyone uses the Bible in their prayers and practices.]

It’s customary to burn a candle on the lid of the jar. I do mine as soon as per week, or as desired, with a white or pink candle. White is normally used for prayer, devotion, or purity, and pink is for friendship and love (and romance however that’s a completely completely different article!). Tea mild candles are excellent as a result of they’re sufficiently small to suit, however votives are good for those who’re on the lookout for your candles to burn somewhat longer. Each time I mild the candle, I do the identical meditation and prayer as the primary time. Some candle wax might leak over to the jar and pour down the edges. Take precaution to keep away from wax messiness in your tables or counters! But when it will get on the jar, don’t fear. The wax “seals in” the intention. I like my jars messy and colourful. I, personally, don’t open my jar till I’m able to ritually eliminate it. Others don’t care about opening and shutting every time they need. Some consider that opening the jar releases the intention and spirits connected to the jar, thus ending its function.


Bear in mind, it is a condensed model of constructing a sweetening jar. There are such a lot of methods to do that, and you may see within the photographs on this article that some folks go all out on their altars. I encourage you to perform a little research for your self!

You’ll be able to preserve your jar so long as you need, however for those who see any cracking within the glass, leaking, or mildew (which shouldn’t actually occur but it surely positively can), then eliminate your outdated jar and make your self a brand new one. When you’ve got private results (similar to jewellery) that you simply’ve included within the jar that you simply’d prefer to preserve, take them out and cleanse them earlier than disposing of the ja

Now, keep in mind this a religious apply. Some have requested, “How is a jar with some syrup or honey going to do something in my life”? If you happen to don’t consider that it might probably’t, then routinely off the bat it gained’t. Your thoughts can hinder your motion and progress greater than some other hater may. Nevertheless, as a religious particular person, I don’t consider in coincidences and I’ve seen motion in my life that I consider comes from my rising religious practices. A vanity jar gained’t magically make you stuffed with self-confidence, however for me, it’s made an incredible distinction in how others have approached me and the way I believe and really feel about myself. Is it the apply of making a sweetening jar or the sweetening jar itself? I say each.

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