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Bruce Lee (picsofcelebrities.com)

I just lately got here throughout a quote from Bruce Lee that I ended up utilizing as an inspiration to jot down a speech that I gave at my Toastmasters membership assembly. The unique quote from Bruce Lee is the next:

Empty your thoughts, be formless. Shapeless, like water. In the event you put water right into a cup, it turns into the cup. You place water right into a bottle and it turns into the bottle. You place it in a teapot, it turns into the teapot. Now, water can circulate or it may well crash. Be water, my buddy.

Following my speech on the membership, I used to be requested to share the speech with others.

Individuals stand right here each different week and speak about every kind of attention-grabbing matters. We focus on matters like local weather change, attention-grabbing books and life experiences. However at present, I’m speaking about ol’ plain Jane. I’m speaking about water. And also you would possibly ask me, what do you need to say about water? Everyone knows about it equally effectively. However generally, inside simplicity there may be complexity and it simply takes a distinct perspective to understand the nuance. Fellow Toastmasters, at present I’m right here to make a daring declare that we are able to be taught loads from water. In our lives we should always all be like water. Let me repeat it. Be like water.

Be refreshing. Few issues are as refreshing as a glass of chilly water, particularly after a protracted stroll beneath the recent solar. Just a few you of who walked right here at present, will in all probability know what I’m speaking about. “So sizzling outdoors!”. Water is the closest factor to the elixir of life. What can we be taught from this property of water then? We must always intention to be somebody whose presence refreshes others. Simply as water energizes all life round us, look to energise the lives of these round you.

Be clear. Pure water is evident, totally clear and allows you to see via it. I can conceal one thing in a container of sand, however can I conceal one thing in a container of water? No! Be like water then, in each your private {and professional} life. In your work, look to be moral and sincere in your dealings. In your private life, look to be clear about your emotions together with your family members and household.

Be versatile. You pour water into an empty glass. What occurs? The water takes the form of the glass. Pour that water into an empty bottle and presto! the water takes the form of the bottle. Water is likely one of the most versatile and formless substances that we come throughout on a regular basis. So what does water train us right here? Water teaches us to be accommodating and have situational consciousness. Typically, we get into arguments over the silliest issues. I do know. I’ve been there earlier than. The subsequent time you’re in an argument, look to take the form and perspective of the opposite facet and look to be thoughtful.

Be a common solvent. Water is named the common solvent, as a result of it dissolves extra substances than every other liquid. Sugar, salt, minerals and vitamins all dissolve in water. A few of the strongest acids dissolve and get diluted in water. Impurities in our physique dissolve in water and get flushed out of our system. Simply as water then, take a dissolving impact in any group you belong to. Simply as a sugar dice dissolves and makes your entire glass of water candy, look to distribute the emotions of happiness to everybody in any group you belong to. Alternatively, if there may be acrimony or unhappiness in concentrated in somebody, look to empathize with them and dilute their emotions.

Be treasured. Clear water is the life blood of all dwelling organisms and but thousands and thousands of individuals around the globe don’t have entry to recent clear water on a regular basis. Each 90 seconds, a baby dies from a water associated illness. I used to be watching the graduation speech that Matt Damon gave at MIT just a few weeks in the past and he mentioned that lack of entry to recent water is likely one of the most vital influencers of maximum poverty. The destiny of total communities, economies, international locations is caught up in that cup of water; one thing the remainder of us take without any consideration. I would like all of us to understand that water is certainly treasured. With out it, we wouldn’t be right here. Simply as water then, be treasured to the individuals round you. Too many instances, we take issues without any consideration. Our households, mates and help techniques. Notice that they’re all treasured to you and in flip look to be treasured for them.

Lastly, in on a regular basis life, we’re at all times advised to search for function fashions. We’re advised to emulate these individuals who have led noble, eventful lives and positively impacted individuals round them. Properly at present, I’m asking one thing totally different of you. I’m asking you to emulate an inanimate object: Water. Water — that object we use on a regular basis, but don’t assume twice about. Water has many issues to show us about he we dwell our all elements of our lives. So subsequent time you have a look at a glass of water, consider it as a mirrored image of what you need to intention to be!


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