Who invented the telephone and when?


letter! Letter! postman!

How beautiful and old do these words seem. These words are no longer common. Till a few years ago, all these words used to be a part of people’s everyday life. Daily mail used to come to the homes and people were excited for it. But today only books and special letters come in the mail. credit for Phone goes to. There is no doubt that the telephone is one of the biggest and most important inventions in the world.

Years ago people used pigeons to send their letters. After that the postal system was started and post offices were made in place. But since the invention of the telephone, the world of communication has changed. In today’s time, sitting at our home, we can talk to a person sitting in any corner of the world, whenever we want! All this has been possible only due to the invention of the telephone.

but do you know that who made the telephone?

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What is Telephone?

[su_panel background=”#fefefe” color=”#000000″]Phone There is a device with the help of which two or more people can talk to each other even while sitting in different corners of the world. in simple languageTelephoneIs a telecommunication device with the help of which two or more people can talk to each other even when they are far from each other.[/su_panel]

Telephone Ka Avishkar Kisne Kiya

Even though we get technology and features from all over the world in our smartphones today, but the main use of the telephone is to talk virtually to a person sitting far away.

If understood a little more deeply, a telephone is a device that can transmit any sound (mainly human voice). Electronic Signals Which reaches another telephone through cable or any other means and is heard in the form of sound to the person in front.

In today’s time, the telephone has already changed a lot. We are now living in an era where everything is wireless but this was not the case with the invention of the first telephone. Then voice was transmitted from one person to another using cables.

What is telephone called in Hindi?

telephone in hindi phone or telephone device They say.

Who invented the telephone?

avishkarak phone call

The smartphones we are using in today’s time are considered to be a modern form of the telephone. But from the first telephone to the present day smartphone in our hands, many scientists have a hand. But the chief inventor of the telephoneAlexander Graham Bell‘ is considered.

Alexander Graham Bell (Alexander Graham Bell) was a popular Scottish scientist who invented the optical-fiber system with the telephone, the photophone, the bell and decibel unit, and the metal-detector. But he is mainly known because of the invention of the telephone.

When was the telephone invented?

Scottish scientist Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone June 2, 1875 did in. Alexander Planet Bell took the help of Thomas Watson in the invention of the telephone.

After this Alexander Graham Bell got it patented on March 7, 1876. That is, on this day the scientist Alexander Graham Bell officially became the inventor of the telephone.

How was the telephone invented?

The invention of the telephone changed the system of communication. We know who invented the telephone and when! So let’s now have a look at the story of the invention of the telephone.

Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell’s mother and wife were both deaf. Because of this, Alexander had a good knowledge of acoustics. Alexander Graham Bell believed that sound signals could be sent through telegraph wires. He was very interested in this subject and due to this interest he started research work on it. Alexander Graham Bell took with him an assistantThomas Watson‘ who helped Bell a lot in the discovery of the telephone.

Despite many experiments for a long time, Alexander and Thomas were not getting success in transmitting sound through telegraph wire. 2 June 1875 Even on the same day, Bell and Watson were engaged in their search. Watson was in the upstairs room and Bell was downstairs. While working on the paint of the vine, suddenly a slight acid fell. He called Watson for help. At first everything seemed normal, but suddenly Watson realized that this sound was coming from the equipment kept with him.

Yes, this was the day one Alexander Graham Bell successfully invented the telephone. After this, in the year 1976, he was officially accepted as the inventor of the telephone.

Was the telephone really invented by Alexander Graham Bell?

About 90 percent of the people believe that the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. But when you search ‘Who invented the telephone’ on Google, then 3 names will come in front of you. of course first name Alexandra Graham Bell But the second and third names are of Antonio Meucci and Amos Dolbear respectively.

Why, so?

Let us know the reason behind this.

We all know very well that many big scientists have a hand behind all the big inventions that have happened till date. Some give a theory, some follow it, then some successfully prove it by making a device connected to it.

Something similar happened in the invention of the telephone. Also with Alexandra Graham Bell in the invention of the telephone Charles Grafton Page, Innocenzo Manzetti, Charles Bourseul, Johann Philipp Reis, Antonio Meucci और Elisha Gray Like many names included.

All these scientists have made important contributions to the invention of the telephone, but no other scientist has contributed as much as Alexander Graham Bell. Amos Dolbear discovered about the conversion of sound waves and electrical impulses into electrical sparks.

in 1854 Antonio Meucci had discovered a Voice Communicating Device, which was named Teletrofono. But he could not tell the US Patent Office the digraph, electromagnet, conversion of sound into electric waves, conversion of electric waves into sound and other features of electromagnetic telephone.

But finally Alexander the planet Bell Invented the telephone in 1975 And in 1976, he was successful in getting such an invention officially named after him.

Where other scientists failed to create a commercially viable telephone system, Bell succeeded. That is, it can be said that Bell started the telephone industry. If there were no bells, then perhaps we would not have these shining smartphones in our hands today.

Who invented the telephone?

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