Which is the biggest mantra among mantras?

In this article we will know that Which is the biggest mantra among mantras? Is there any mantra in this universe which is the biggest and most powerful? After all, by chanting which mantra a person can reach his goals.

There are many such questions within us, which if we search in our mind by solitude, we may not get the ‘answer’, so let us cover all these points today and after studying more deeply about these mantras, you will get complete information. Will try to give

What is mantra?

sabse bada mantra kaun sa hai

We are said to be the most intelligent beings living in this earth, which has been called human or man. If we look at its creation from the point of view of science, then it is said to be the creation factor of man, Lord Brahma, if we see it through different and divine powers, well, there is a true story on this too which we will introduce to you sometime again.

But now the matter comes that what are the mantras.

So now let’s know There are mantras and stotras of Hindu gods and goddesses And under the same stotra, those gods and goddesses have been called all.

Sarvasva means any God whom you consider to be your favorite and to question them, a group of all those words fixed by you in worship, havan or yajna is chanted.

Now you must have been so clear that after all this is what the mantra is called. Now we move on to the second point.

Which is the biggest mantra in the world?

no one is the biggest mantra in the world. This is because all the mantras have their own importance. Yet the two biggest and most powerful mantras according to Hinduism are Gayatri Mantra And Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. The power of both these mantras is very high.

In the first point, you have been told about the mantra, what is a mantra, if I tell you which god or deity is the biggest, will you be able to tell this. Just think for 2 minutes and see.

No, you will not be able to tell which god is the biggest, and there will be sudden upheaval in your mind.

Because it is true that the creator of this universe is called Lord Brahma, then shall we call him the greatest God or Lord Shiva, who himself took the poison that came out of the churning of the ocean to save the entire universe in his throat. Gone, or those goddesses who are seated in 9 forms in this creation.

Now you will definitely believe that the 9 forms of Durga are probably the biggest, because the place of Goddess has always been above. If we say that all this is no less than a whirlwind running in your mind, then how many will believe it. We always think that who is the biggest after all.

There will definitely be a place of worship in your house, where statues, idols or posters of many gods and goddesses will definitely be seated.

Do you not bow down to Lord Shiva by touching the feet of Ganesh ji while worshiping or do you stop worshiping other Gods in the place of worship.

How many of you would be like that Worship of Mata Lakshmi If you do not, it is 100% confirmed that there will be no one in this country of India who does not worship Goddess Lakshmi, if you agree that give us feedback in the last.

Just like I explained to you that no god, god, goddess or deity is small or big, similarly we cannot call any mantra small or big.

This was an example to explain to you that there are many mantras, but whatever gods and goddesses you consider to be your East, then by worshiping them with some praise and mantras, considering them as your own, these mantras for the prevention and removal of happiness and sorrow. pronounces.

Now let us move towards the third topic.

power of conscience

Under this, you will have to tell so much that God will definitely listen to you, whatever deities you consider to be your East or chief, whatever mantra you chant with a true heart, keep your mind calm and your eyes closed.

The only thing should be that your dedication and hard work should be 100%, then see that God will be with you.

In the Bhagavad Gita, a sentence has been said by Shri Krishna, which you must have heard at some point or the other, that sentence is, “do karma but don’t worry about the fruit

From this it is clear that whatever you try to give 100%, you will definitely get the result.

Does mantra lead to salvation?

The answer to this question may be simple for you, because many of you will say that yes mantra leads to salvation, but it is wrong.

if you Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, Sukhsagar Or in the same way, if you have studied many other Puranas, then it is not written in them that salvation is achieved by mantra.

During the yagya, a sage forces his adoration to appear by reciting thousands and millions of mantras, because he has full faith.

And in the same way, in the demons, one must have read in many examples of penance for many years and they also force their east to appear, due to which whatever force is received in the blessings of the demons. They misuse them, and sages make good use of them.

What did this make you understand Mantra leads to salvation So the answer is no.

We receive only divine powers from the mantra and it is used by our hands only.

Just like Ravana in Ramayana Extremely intelligent, powerful, the conqueror of tinoloko is Despite that, Ravana manifested Shiva with difficult-worded mantras, now it does not mean that only difficult mantras please God.

But he attained salvation when he was killed by Ram ji by chanting the mantra.

A simple example of this is that, “Moksha is attained by mantra, not salvation by mantra.

Now we come to the last episode of this article.

How should the mantras be chanted?

It is correct to pronounce mantras in 3 (three) ways.

1. Which is to be pronounced through the mouth, that is, by loud voices.

2. The second one which is pronounced through the mouth but no one else can hear it, that means by using low voices.

3. In the third there is no need of voice through mouth nor vibration of Ost.

If you like or like any of these three, you can chant the mantra using them.

what did you learn today

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