What is UAT – What is UAT in Hindi

UAT There is a process that is designed that helps to ensure that the products that when released meet the user expectations. The full form of UAT is “User Acceptance Testing.”

It involves a process in which a number of series specific tests are done on a product to see whether that product will really be able to meet the needs of the users or not. Well this user acceptance testing process can be applied on any type of product, but if we Talking about the computer industry, it is often associated with software programs.

Software applications typically have to go through several multiple development stages before they are released to the general public. These stages include the initial development process, alpha testing stage, beta testing stage, release candidate stage, and public release of that software. Although there is no need for every software program to go through all these stages, most software programs are tested by multiple users before they are fully released.

Primary UAT stages are also included in software development, alpha and beta testing stages. On the other hand, if we talk about the alpha testing stage, then a limited number of users are also tested in a (and possibly outside) company, an early version of the software which mainly sees bugs and user interface issues.

Whereas in the beta testing stage, a larger group of users (usually those from outside the company) test the software and provide further feedback, which includes bug reports and usability issues. This feedback software tells the company whether the product meets the user expectations or not, while it enables the development team to make necessary revisions before the official release.

Since the software is modified and updated (It is much easier to do than hardware products), user acceptance testing still continues even after a software program is released. Many programs are now starting to include feedback and bug submission forms, directly with the software, which allows users to provide feedback as they use the software.

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