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do you know WWW क्या है (What is World Wide Web in Hindi) And how does WWW work? In today’s article, you will be given information about it in Hindi. Everyone knows something or the other about the Internet, but no one knows whose hand is behind it. When the Internet was started, till now a word with the Internet is used much more than the one that you use every day. WWW.

whenever website, The web server, webpage, hyperlink are all associated with the World Wide Web. Another question will come to your mind that why WWW is written in front of every website. Take an example like www.Informational King.net. In this world of web, network, smartphone, it is necessary to have knowledge about all. So let’s know What is the World Wide Web.

WWW क्या है (What is World Wide Web in Hindi)

www kya hai Hindi

The full form of WWW is World Wide Web. Which is also called W3 or Web. This is an information space. Here HTML documents and web resources are identified through Uniform Resource Locators. Where HTML documents are interconnected through Hyperlink. We can access these web documents through the Internet. do access.

This is the central hub to store information. WWW is a primary tool through which we access or communicate with the Internet. The web document is written through HTML (Hyper Text MarkUP Language). Image, audio, video or text is kept in a formatted way inside an HTML document.

definition of world wide web

  1. This is a very big network where Hypertext File and web pages are linked to each other. Where billions of hypertext text documents are available on different servers and Keep it stored in the computer. to whom Access is done through web browser.
  2. We can also call it a system where hyper text documents are inter-linked, Internet is used to access them.
  3. We can call this a virtual place where all the web pages, web servers, websites of the world are accessed through HTTP protocol.
  4. You can also speak a collection of web pages, web servers, URLs, HYPERLINKS and HTTP in WWW. About them are given below.
  5. These resources and users, who connect to the Internet through HTTP, are their medium.
  6. The combination of all the websites and web pages in the world is called the World Wide Web.
  7. Whenever you write URL in your browser, then understand that you have joined WWW.

World Wide Web Technology

One The web page contains a lot of software and protocols to run them. A web browser is used to open these web pages. And images, text, videos and other media files reside in browsers and these web pages are interconnected through hyperlinks. All this work is done in the world wide web.

Berners-Lee (Inventor) developed 3 Technique, 3 techniques for WWW. One of them is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) where the website address resides. The second HTML through which the web document is created. The third is the HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol. These are the rules that help to run the Internet.

History of WWW

Tim Berners-lee who is called the inventor of the World Wide Web. Who is also called the inventor of the web. to Berners-lee Was the director of W3C. Berners Lee used to monitor the development of W3. He also developed hypertext. The technique of communication through the web was developed. interconnect web pages He invented the technique of linking.

With the concept of Hypertext, he changed the perspective of the Internet. 1989 Berners-lee started working on the world wide web server. The name of this server was given “httpd”. In the beginning WWW was something like WYSIWYG Hypertext Browser/Editor which runs in NextStep Environment. The world wide web had reached most parts of the world by 1991.

How WWW Works

So now the question comes that how does this world wide web work. You must have understood that what is WWW. It works with webserver, website, browser, webpage, http, hypertext and finally hyperlink. It has the ability to connect the addresses and pages of all the pages.

When a user opens a web document, for this he uses an application which we and you call web browser. You must know that a web document is written in a web programming language which is called HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language). Whenever you write the name of a domain in the web browser like www.Informational King.net it is also called url.

Every domain has an address. So the browser generates a request to search the domain of http in the world wide web. Simultaneously converts the domain name into a server IP address. Which the World Wide Web searches for that website address in the server. When the address matches with the page of the server from which the domain is hosted, then that page is sent back to the web browser. Which you can see in your web browser. Something like this is how WWW works.

Generally these four technologies are used to run the world wide web, the use of URL, Web Browser, HTTP and HTML. Without all these the world wide web does not exist.

Internet vs World Wide Web

You can read about Internet in another article but still it is internet, network highway. Where users exchange a lot of data every day through the net among themselves. Protocols are required to run the Internet such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Telnet. Protocols are rules that are governed by the network.

On the other hand, WORLD WIDE WEB is a way to access the Internet. This is an information sharing model which is above the internet. It uses some programs which are named HTTP, Web Browser, HTML and WEB SERVER which are mentioned below. Let us know what is the difference between WWW and Internet.

Internet vs WWW
1. Internet was started in 1960 1989 Tim Berners-lee Invented This
2. Hardware is made up of. software. is made from
3. Uses hardware like Server, Router, Bridge, Tower, Satellite in the Internet Uses WWW program, hypertext, protocol, webpage, text, images
4. The name of the first internet was ARPANET. In the early days WWW was called NFSNET
5. Internet uses IP addresses It uses HTTP.
6. Internet can also run without WWW. WWW does not exist without internet
7. Internet is a superset of WWW WWW is a subset of the internet
8. Computers in the internet are searched through IP addresses. Here locates the information from the URL

Web Server

Web server is a program. Whenever the user sends a request to a website or a web page through HTTP. So he also gives the response of the server request through HTTP only. And that response is nothing but an HTML page. As you do some search in Google, then the web server of google website shows you many results. This is the job of the web server. An example of a server is a computer from which a website is hosted. Every website has a web server


The full name of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a language using which a website is designed. Each webpage is also called an HTML document. This page is visible in the World Wide Web. When a web page is linked with another web page, it is called a hyperlink. All the web pages you see in the Internet are all an HTML document. To run an HTML document, an application is needed which is called a web browser. About which we will talk further.


This is also a page. For which a language is used which is called HTML meaning Hyper Text Markup Language. This is a small part of the website. It can also be said that the website is a collection of webpages. URL address is used to access these webpages. The page you are reading now is also an example of a web page.

Web Browser

Without a web browser, the World Wide Web could never run. Web browser is a software program or you can also say an application. Through which we access the web page or website. Generally browser is used to access website and web page in internet. Web Browser translates HTML document into human readable form. Some examples of this are Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

world wide web in hindi

So friends, today’s information is very important. This was the question in everyone’s mind. WWW क्या है (What is World Wide Web in Hindi) And you must have known how it works. Inernet is incomplete without it. All the web pages of the world are interlinked among themselves. Along with all this, if you want to learn something else, then tell us.

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