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What is the full name of MLA

MLA Ka Full Form Kya Hai Hindi

MLA full name of Member of the Legislative Assembly. MLA is such a representative that who is elected or voted by the voters, that too in the legislature of a constituency of the State Government in India. Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) is performed by common citizens.

What is MLA?

MLA is also called MLA. An MLA is a representative elected by the voters of an electoral district (constituency) which is the legislature of a state in the system of government of India. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of MLAs (403) in the country while Puducherry has the least MLAs (30).

Under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of that state is 87, except for 24 seats earmarked for the territory occupied by Pakistan, of which 7 seats are reserved for the Scheduled Castes in accordance with Jammu and Kashmir. .

Full form of MLA in Hindi – Full form of MLA in Hindi

MLA का Full Form It happens Members of the Legislative Assembly. They are actually representative of the legislative assembly. These members are elected by the voters of a constituency. At the same time, they have very different responsibilities according to their positions.

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M – Member of
L – Legislative
A – Assembly

What is the role of MLA?

Legislators may be required to fulfill four different roles:

1. Legislator’s role includes understanding the spirit of existing laws, planning and studying new laws, discussing and then supporting or opposing the implementation of new laws.

2. As a representative of his or her constituency, a member can speak on behalf of a member, represent a point of view or difference and help solve a problem.

3. A legislator is also a member of an elected party. In this function, he may be involved in the planning and strategy of the House and develop expertise in the given subject areas.

4. Depending on the political fortunes of his party, the MLA may act as a cabinet minister or as an opposition critic.

Qualifications to become MLA (MLA) – MLA Eligibility in Hindi

To become an MLA of an elected district, it is necessary to have many qualifications. A healthy person must have the following qualifications to become an MLA –

1. To become a candidate for the post of MLA, you must have the nationality of the country, that is, you should be an Indian citizen.

2. Your age 25 years should be above

3. If you want to become a candidate for the post of MLA, then you must be mentally healthy, that means no insane person can become a candidate for the post of MLA.

4. MLA candidate Must be a voter of his state.

What is the salary of MLA?

state legislatures All the MLAs elected for the purpose are given ‘Legislative Fund’ in the form of Rs. 1 crore to 4 crore is given annually in each state assembly. This fund is different in every state.

Do you know that every MLA gets a fixed salary every month in addition to the MLA fund? This salary varies from state to state. In India, the highest salary is Rs. Telangana State MLAs 2.5 lakh per month, while the MLAs of Tripura Legislative Assembly are given the lowest salary of Rs 30000.

Let us know how much salary and funds are given to the MLAs of different assemblies in India?

state legislative assembly MLA’s Salary and Funds (in Rs.)
1. Telangana 2.5 lakh Rs.
2. Delhi 2.10 lakh Rs.
3. Uttar Pradesh 1.87 lakh Rs.
4. Maharashtra 1.70 lakh Rs.
5. Jammu and Kashmir 1.60 lakh Rs.
6. Uttarakhand 1.60 lakh Rs.
7. Andhra Pradesh 1.30 lakh Rs.
8. Himachal Pradesh 1.25 lakh Rs.
9. Rajasthan 1.25 lakh Rs.
10. Goa 1.17 lakh Rs.
11. Haryana 1.15 lakh Rs.
12. Punjab 1.14 lakh Rs.
13. Jharkhand 1.11 lakh Rs.
14. Madhya Pradesh 1.10 lakh Rs.
15. Chhattisgarh 1.10 lakh Rs.
16. Bihar 1.14 lakh Rs.
17. West Bengal 1.13 lakh Rs.
18. Tamil Nadu 1.05 lakh Rs.
19. Karnataka 98 thousand Rs.
20. Sikkim 86.5 thousand Rs.
21. Kerala 70 thousand Rs.
22. Gujarat 65 thousand Rs.
23. Odisha 62 thousand Rs.
24. Meghalaya 59 thousand Rs.
25. Puducherry 50 thousand Rs.
26. Arunachal Pradesh 49 thousand Rs.
27. Mizoram 47 thousand Rs.
28. Assam 42 thousand Rs.
29. Manipur 37 thousand Rs.
30. Nagaland 36 thousand Rs.
31. Tripura 34 thousand Rs.

What other facilities do MLAs get apart from salary?

Let’s have a look at the facilities available to an MLA of Uttar Pradesh:

In Uttar Pradesh, an MLA gets Rs 7 crore as MLA fund within 5 years. Without this; MLA Rs. 75,000 per month as salary, Rs. 24000 for diesel charges, 6000 for personal assistant, Rs. 6000 for mobile spend and Rs. 6000 for medical expenses.

Apart from these expenses, they get free food and accommodation facilities in government guest houses and separate expenses for travel to their constituency. After adding all the expenses, the MLA gets a total of about 1 lakh 7 lakh rupees every month.

The MLA also has the right to allot 200 hand pumps to provide safe water in his constituency in five years. Without this; A person can travel with MLA in train for free.

What qualifications do you need to become an MLA?

To become an MLA, you must have the following qualifications,

1. You must be an Indian citizen.

2. Your age should not be less than 25 years.

3. You must be a voter from any constituency of the state in which you are contesting.

If you want to become an MLA then you have to contest election from any assembly constituency of your state or in any other state on party ticket or as an independent candidate. But you must have Voter ID card of any state.

MLA election process

The MLAs are elected by the voters of the constituency. Following is the procedure for the election of MLA:-

1. Elections are held after the end of the term of the current assembly, usually after every five-year term.

2. Each state is divided into different constituencies or specific areas on the basis of population.

3. The candidates belonging to these constituencies are voted by the citizens who are above 18 years of age.

4. Any candidate can stand for election from one constituency as long as each of them fulfills the eligibility criteria.

5. Candidates can either be affiliated to a specific political party or can contest elections as independent candidates.

6. Candidates are required to rally for themselves by addressing their plans and concerns of their constituency.

7. Voting is done by a secret ballot to ensure that only the voter knows for whom he has voted.

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