What is the full form of LLB


do you know that What is the full form of LLB? If not, then in today’s article you will get information about many things. Due to the rapidly increasing population, the fear of unemployment is also increasing continuously. A student studies comfortably till class 10th but after that he has to think about his future and choose a subject in which his future can be golden. After passing 12th we have many many career options according to our Steam. Every person wants to choose an option where unemployment is low, income is high. one such Option LLB Huh.

LLB is one of the most popular courses offered in India. All of you must have heard the name of LLB many times and you must also know that only after doing LLB, we can become a lawyer. But very few people would know the full form of LLB. You will find many types of information about LLB on the Internet, but its correct full form was told on blogs on very few websites. Today we will discuss this topic and get the full form.

What is the full name of LLB

LLB Ka Full Form Kya Hai Hindi

The correct full form of LLB is ‘Bachelor of Laws’ Which are words of Latin language. But in ordinary language or otherwise, the meaning of LLB in English Bachelor of Laws happens from. This is the reason that LLB is also called BL. It is an undergraduate degree in the field of Law. It is also considered as the first professional degree in Law.

This degree started from England and after that it came into vogue in Japan. Initially this degree was popular only for Arts students but now anyone can do LLB as per their interest.

If you want to become a lawyer or you want to move forward in the field of advocacy then LLB is the first step for you. In advocacy you get information about law and rules. After doing LLB, students start understanding about laws and rules. After this, the student can become a lawyer or much more and can get a good job according to his ability and understanding.

There are 2 types of LLB courses, out of which the first is of 3 years and the second is of 5 years. The 3-year LLB course can be done only after graduation while the 5-year LLB course can be started after 12th pass.

It is easy to take admission in LLB. If you want to do LLB after 12th, then for that you have to pass in 12th class with 50% or more marks. To do LLB after graduation, your college marks should be 50% or above.

To take admission in big and professional Law Universities, you need to CLAT, LSAT and AILET Like the Entrance Exams have to be cleared. After doing LLB, apart from becoming a lawyer, you have many options like becoming a Legal Advisor, preparing to become a judge, becoming a lecturer in a college by doing PhD.

What are the other full forms of LLB?

Well the main full form of LLB Bachelor of Laws And the exact full form Legum Baccalaureus is considered only but its other Full Forms are also in vogue. After researching on the Internet, we have some other full form miles which we have mentioned below:

[su_note]1. Bachelor of Legislative Law
2. Standard Bachelor of Laws
3. Bachelor of Liberal Laws[/su_note]

Full form of LLB in Hindi – Full form of LLB in Hindi

If you are interested in LLB then you should also know what is LLB called in Hindi because anyone can ask this question to you. Often we remember the English names of some things but do not remember the Hindi names which are not good according to the general knowledge.

Now you already know what is the English Full Form of LLB, but now let’s talk about the Hindi name of LLB! pure hindi name of LLBBachelor of Law‘ which is the Hindi meaning of Bachelor of Law. But since India mainly used LLB Bachelor of Legislative Law So its Hindi meaning will be ‘Bachelor of Legislative Law’ or ‘Bachelor of Legislative Law’.

Benefits of doing LLB

Doing LLB will prove to be a really good option because on the one hand, the fields of expensive studies like engineering etc.

The reason for this is that it is easy for people to understand other things nowadays, due to which they do most of the work themselves and get them done cheaply by someone else, but not everyone understands the work of laws and documents. Even if it comes, not everyone can do this work because the legal ones are the ones who have done LLB and then its further studies. Many benefits of doing LLB are such as:

1. understanding of rules It is not easy for everyone to understand the law. Perhaps this is the reason that Political Science is considered one of the most difficult subjects. But after LLB, you get special information about the rules and making them.

2. more career options : Most of the people think that the only career option in LLB is to become a Lawyer only but there are many types of career options in LLB. Even the Lawyer is of many types.

3. good pay There is no doubt that in the present time, if you do engineering from a private college or do any other such course, then its degree can get you a simple job. But the student doing LLB is seen from a different point of view and is considered more intelligent, due to which the recognition of LLB degree is more.

Apart from this, there are many benefits of doing LLB such as good salary, good respect etc. If you are also interested in law and you are interested in understanding the rules, then you can also do LLB. This is a great career option.

What is the Duration of LLB Course?

There are two options for admission in LLB course one is 3 years course for which minimum eligibility is graduation degree and other for graduate students 5 year LLB integrated course (BA LLB).

Can a student do LLB after 12th?

Yes, in Intermediate level (12th) science stream LLB course can be done even after studying.

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