Boycott Chinese Products in India


Boycott Chinese products in IndiaYou must have heard this news everywhere in the newspaper or on TV that China is fully supporting the biggest enemy of India, Pakistan.

Like giving arms and ammunition to Pakistan is promoting terror and hence social networking sites like We are getting many such messages on Facebook and WhatsApp that we should stop using Chinese products.

So that China suffers a lot and it should stop supporting Pakistan to compensate for this loss. We all agree on this matter somewhere, but if you go to the bottom of this matter and think about it, do you think that China will make a difference by not using our Chinese products? In my opinion, at all”No” is.


Today we will discuss about this topic that What will be the effect of banning Chinese products in India?

Some things related to Imports and Exports between India and China

Boycott Chinese Products in India
First of all, let me tell you what percentage of goods India buys from China and how much it sells.

China is the largest trading partner of India. If we talk about the financial year from 2015 to 2016, then India has imported goods worth 60 billion dollars from China, which accounts for only 15 percent of the total imports of China in the whole world.

And if we talk about exports, about $ 10 billion worth of goods have been exported from China to India, which accounts for only 3.6 percent of India’s total exports.

If we take a look at these figures and Ban on Chinese products in India If you think about doing it, then this loss to China is not going to make much difference.

Rather it will have the opposite effect on our India, how? If we stop using Chinese products, then China will also stop taking products from us, due to which we will also suffer.

Banning our Chinese products will not make any difference to him and he will start doing his business with any other country. India can also do this, but the goods that we get from China at cheap prices, we may find it difficult to get the same amount from other countries.

So in such a situation, with which other country will India trade, from where it can get the same price as China gives us.

It is difficult to find an answer to this question. In such a situation, we all think that we will use Indian products, but we all know that the market of India does not have the capacity to meet the needs of all of us.

Had this been the case, we would have been importing less and exporting more quantity with other countries. Therefore, by banning the products of China, we will not get a solution to our problems.

By banning China’s products, what will be its effect in India?

Is it really possible to boycott Chinese product in India? You all know that the auspicious time of Diwali is coming and in such a situation such messages are coming on Facebook and WhatsApp that boycott Chinese products.

Do not buy any products related to China such as Chinese lights, firecrackers, do not use them, keep a distance from them, apart from this, if we talk about electronics things, then do not buy Chinese smartphones.

All this is being asked to be done so that our country has something and now not a single penny from our country goes to China, instead we should use Indian products.

This is absolutely true, we all want that our country should be well, but in the midst of all this, a very big question arises, on which we need to pay more attention, which we often do not give.

What is that question? If we were from today rather than now China के products को boycott What if you do? Where do we get the Chinese products we are talking about discontinuing?

Not only from the shops around you, now we do not go to China to buy those products. Suppose there is a shopkeeper who has bought Chinese goods of huge amount for Diwali and has also started selling it. Now if we stop buying Chinese products, then who will be the loss in this, China or India?

Because the person sitting in that shop is Indian and poor who does business to feed his family. The loss will be only of that shopkeeper, not of China, China has sold that goods to whom.

What would be the right thing to do?

If we look at our lifestyle, from a needle in our house to big machines like TV, Fridge, All things computer, smartphone are of Chinese brand.

All these things not only have an Indian brand, even if it is, some of the stuff inside it is brought from China, just the brand is found in India, it does not mean that it is completely the brand of India. is.

So we all have to adopt the fact that today we depend on Chinese products and that is why we will not get any benefit from not using their products from now on.

To get rid of this thing, we have to take ourselves towards development and give ourselves every We have to make them better in the field, for which we do not need any kind of products from China going forward, only then can we stop using their goods and take our country to progress.

This was my opinion in this matter and I hope that you must have understood that in India Chinese products को ban What will be the effect of doing it. What do you think or what is your opinion in this matter, please share with us.